RhodeCode Contributor License Agreement
RhodeCode Contributor License Agreement *

By submitting any code, documentation, modifications, or other contributions (each a “Contribution”) to RhodeCode GmbH (“RhodeCode”), and in consideration of RhodeCode considering the Contributions for inclusion in the RhodeCode Core project, you represent, warrant and agree that:
1. The Contributions are hereby licensed to RhodeCode under the terms of the MIT License (currently at https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT).
2. You are the sole author and owner of each of your Contributions, you have the right to grant the license in Section 1, and RhodeCode’s exercise of such license will not infringe your or, to your knowledge, any other party’s intellectual property rights.
3. RhodeCode may freely assign and transfer this Contributor License Agreement to any third party.
4. This is the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and can be amended or waived only in a writing signed by both parties.
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